WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY FARM just minutes off of I 75, twenty minutes from downtown Cincinnati, one hour from Lexington, one hour and a half from Louisville, making our family farm close to three major cities!  With so many farms disappearing to industrial areas and subdivisions we our here to OFFER an agricultural experience to children and families as we have been doing so for over 25 years. There is nothing easy about farming or maintaining a farm, and our passion to teach families our love for farming and to build confidence and love for local farms.  

Without the volunteers we have, and recruiting for help we could not survive. A farm is dependent on mother nature and in one day a entire crop can be destroyed and all that income and work was for nothing. To our volunteers and supporters, we THANK YOU!

Many things have to happen to keep a farm successful and education is our number one goal. Please consider helping in one of these ways.

  1.  Donate $ tax deductible  
  2.  Volunteer time  
  3.  Donate building materials
  4.  Donate feed for animals
  5.  Sign up with KROGER community rewards program and they will send us quarterly a % of how much is spent by our supporters! (5 minutes to do) www.kroger.com 
  6.  Spread the word of our events, join our Facebook or twitter account. 
  7.  Sponsor a child to summer camp $195    
  8. Volunteer your skills from tractor repair to barn repair to mowing! 
  9. Collect and donate plastic grocery bags. We use these for our school field trips. 

Please consider our family farm and it's approved IRS mission a 501 C3  to provide Agricultural Family and School tours all year long. Please contact us to make your donation, bentonfamilyfarm@aol.com

5 Generations of family farming now serving the public. We are very thankful for any donations or gifts to continue the farm on.

Please note we our on GUIDE STAR and our profile can be verified easily here.

A letter will be provided from us after your donation of material items valued over $75 or any check over $75 for IRS purposes.  Any kind of help is appreciated and will continue this farm to operate. 


Help the Family Farm and our teaching mission!